Saturday, September 22, 2012

In the rear view mirror...

Summer is over. Today is the first day of autumn.
Can we take a look back before diving into the first pile of fall leaves?

In the burgh...

Following our road trip to Ohio, we returned to Pittsburgh, where we were happy to continue enjoying our time with Bethany, Max, and Poppy.

So many activities! There's so much to do in Pittsburgh, and we chose some of our favorites; Ralph and Bethany went to a Pirates game, and Bethany and I saw the play, Sunset Boulevard.
The Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History are fantastic.
We walked past the dinosaurs

And spent a lot of time with the rocks and minerals, bugs, and hands-on exhibits.
Reading science books with Grampa Ralph

peculiar specimens

Don't be a dodo!
Photos aren't allowed in the art galleries, which I found out after Ralph snapped this:
Monet's Water Lilies
Seeing great art in person is mind and soul enhancing!

While Bethany and Max stayed home and painted their front porch (HUGE JOB!), Ralph and Poppy and I went to the zoo. Imagine the San Diego Zoo and the Monterey Aquarium combined, and you have the scope and presentation of the Pittsburgh Zoo, but with better visibility. Poppy knows her zoo, and gave us a great, relaxed tour. 
Perched on a (replica) anthill, listening to the lions roar.

Petting a snake. First time for Grampa!

Sitting on a sea lion. This photo is for Uncle Joe.

Riding the turtle racers.
Following our day at the zoo, we went to Klavon's, a real, old-fashioned soda fountain for ice cream. Poppy had a chocolate sundae and a rainbow sherbet mini cone. (Being a grandparent is so much fun!) 

Other activities included:

Another round of miniature golf.

A gorgeous day on the river thanks to B&M's friend, Chad.

Fun at the pool and the playground.

Science exploration at the library.

Slip & Slide in the backyard.

Some of our favorite times, though, were just hanging out with Bethany and Max and Poppy, reading, playing games, talking and laughing together.

Love you, little family! Can't wait to see you at Christmas!

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Bethany Hurwitz said...

That was one of the best summers ever. I love you too mom! See you in December! xoxo