Thursday, August 16, 2012

That's the way we roll.

These girls were on the road,  they made a road trip through the southern US with lots of adventures, and spent a few days in Pittsburgh before heading north, then west to Portland. Great stories; I hope you get a chance to hear them someday.

They hung around to spend a day with us, 
then there were some goodbye hugs
and some goodbye squirt gun action

and then they were on the road again.
Then it was time for Grampa to get to work.

We had a great time with Max's family in Ohio.

Here's Ralph in a fabulous sculpture at the Botanical Gardens
Max with his brothers and dad.

Poppy and cousins as water babies

Here's Ralph with Max's dad, Dave, as we're admiring Dave's truck.

Dave takes the truck to farmers' markets and gives away books from the back of the truck, art books and others that he gathers from libraries and others sources as they clear out older books.
Covered with toys, stickers, corks from wine bottles, sea shells,
musical toys that are wired to the battery. A rolling museum!
We played mini golf and had ice cream at Young's Farm "Putters and Udders." That cracks me up!

Hula hoops! 
Enjoy this little video with Poppy and her cousins, her Uncle Eli, and Bethany showing a little of their hooping prowess. 

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