Friday, June 22, 2012

I've got some catching up to do...

...but I'll get to that later.

You know how it is when there are things you need to do, then something comes along that you really want to do?

Even though I'd declined taking on new projects, I'd delegated projects, and I have a project with a looming deadline, I couldn't resist the appeal of this little envelope that came in yesterday's mail.
I love getting Royal Mail

My bloggity friend, Fiona, who lives in Scotland, sent a fat quarter of this cute fabric
Next Stop London by Robert Kaufman.

When Fiona offered the give-away on her blog, I commented that I'm a true anglophile, having fallen in love with all things British when we visited England in the 80s. With the queen's jubilee and the Olympics in London this year, I wanted to make something in tribute to all the festivities.

I resisted the fabric's siren call all day, but when I went upstairs to go to bed, at 10:00 pm, instead of turning right at the top of the stairs to head to the bedroom, I turned left, into my sewing room. 

I didn't even stop to take pictures, I just cut and sewed, using just materials I had on hand. I consulted this

because I knew there was something tricky about those stripes, and I wanted some measure of accuracy in the shape of the Union Jack.

And I made this pillow, or as Fiona would call it, this cushion! Pretty cute, if I say so myself! Finished sewing at 2:00 am, and went to bed happy. 

Union Jack, Linda style

Double-decker buses and cabs, icons of London

Looks good in a chair...

...either side!


capitolaquilter said...

Good for you going straight to what you wanted to do and what a fun end result. It looks perfect in your chair - you can daydream about being on one of those double deckers!

Fiona @ Poppy Makes said...

It looks fantastic Linda! Love your cushion (!)
2am, happy to bed sounds like a great way to go to bed :) So glad you liked it xxx

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had a blog! It's beautiful... so creative!
The UK is not usually very patriotic, but they are gorging on all things British this summer and year. It probably got a kick off last year with the Royal Wedding. Now the Jubilee (and lots of different events for that, Wimbledon (well, that happens every year!), the Olympic torch relay, the Olympics, etc. etc. etc. I've never seen so many items for sale, including clothes, with Union Jacks, London buses, Keep Calm and Carry On, etc. Amazing. They don't usually 'fly the flag' (literally or figuratively), but they are this year. In an understated sort of way. So... this project fits right in with that spirit.

Would be happy to send you some Royal Mail. A bit of Post from Jolly Olde England! ("Look! It's Narnia!") :-)

Lots of love,

Nancy said...

Great creative use of some really original fabric.

Nancy said...

I need to redirect into what I long to do no matter what the time.