Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Kathryn graduated from Lewis and Clark College! Yes, the time has flown by, though when Kathryn begins to lists her many experiences and projects, and I note the maturity and grace she's growing in, surely it's been longer than four years.
Thank you, Amy, for snapping this pic, I wish you were in it!
I'm glad you joined us for the grad ceremony!
I'm so glad Ralph and John and I were able to spend the long graduation weekend in Portland with Kathryn. We tried to do as many official, grad-oriented activities as we could, but the first day, after a reception in the SoAn department and an Honors convocation, we were done!
Honored for her writing!

Kathryn pointed out that for every student being recognized for achievement, there are many others who have likewise made great accomplishments, and other kinds of recognition of their efforts.

Seniors Banquet

We enjoyed some of Portland's hot spots, like Stumptown coffee and Powell's bookstore, and Nicholas Restaurant and Tin Shed and Dick's Cafe. Everywhere we went, we ran into groups of L&C graduates and their families, everyone congratulating one another and cheering each other on. At one point, there was a cluster of graduating students talking and reminiscing, and a surrounding ring of parents and family joyfully observing their interactions, and beaming with pride and happiness for our kids. What a great atmosphere.
That's a giant pita at Nicholas Restaurant

Not enough time in Powell's!

Several times, Kathryn hugged us and thanked us for coming, and for being willing to be a part of the flow of events and gatherings. Thank you, Kathryn, for welcoming us into your circles, and letting us enjoy the people and places you love!
Beautiful flowers everywhere!
Enjoying the sunshine, napping on Mt. Tabor

Prom! John went to prom with Cody, complete with tuxedo, corsage and boutonniere, and group ride in a limo to dinner and to the dance.
Photo credit to John Hurd

Photo credit to Frank and Charlene Sousa


Grace said...

Getting a blog post from you is like getting a package from UPS on my front doorstep in December. I get so excited about opening the package and seeing what's inside! I love reading your blog.

I'm SO proud of Kathryn and all she's learned and accomplished and become as a college graduate. Fantastic. The photos are wonderful and are beaming with your family joy.

Wow, added bonus, I got a sneak peek at the start of Melissa's quilt. So cool that you are making one for her. My girls are sentimental, and family stuff like the quilt mean so much to them (and to me!).

Love to you and everyone,


Nancy said...

Always love hearing from you and seeing all your creations. Your talent is amazing. Some day I hope to have more time to quilt. There is a time and a season for everything. Love you, Linda. Hugs to Ralph.


Bethany Hurwitz said...

waaaaaah i miss my family!!!

Meghan Elaine said...

SO proud of Kathryn! I love how much you appreciated being there with her. And Joseph, I mean John, I mean Joseph, ok, I know it's John- but man does he look like his big brother- looks like he had a blast.