Saturday, April 28, 2012


I hate writing. I love writing to you, though! Writing to you is just a slowed down version of a conversation, and I get to say everything I want while imagining your responses. (Your real responses, by the way, are always so much better than I imagine!) When I write to you, here on the blog, I've usually been cogitating, musing, formulating my thought for a while, and I look forward to getting it all put together.
I've started putting together Melissa's
zig zag quilt. It's looking pretty!

Why, then, are there such big gaps between blog posts? Because I have this weird, internal merit system that disallows writing to you until I've finished the obligation writing I'm supposed to do. That includes the essay I'm supposed to write for my job, to renew my teaching credential and to apply for a full-time teaching position. Full-time teaching, that I really don't want to do, except that I could finalize my credential, and it would be great to get benefits. Ambivalence...
I really don't like these red/white blocks around the snowman panel.
This is a quilt I'm making in a class; each new border is  introduced week-to-week.
 I have a better idea for these red blocks, but do I want to make all new blocks?

And now, I've volunteered to write a series of articles for my quilt guild newsletter, to introduce guild members to quilt blogs and Flickr groups. Trying to cut it into bite size pieces, but to include enough to make it interesting. First step, provide some links to a few blogs that might get readers hooked. Yes, I'm addicted, and I'm recruiting new addicts!
I started these stars last summer, They're all stitched by hand.
At first, it was an experiment to see what I could do with this fabric.
Now, I can't let it go until it's finished.
Even though I don't know what "finished" will end up being!

Ugh. Time to write that essay.
Here's Sadie, recovering from surgery to remove a tumor from her belly.
It was bigger than Ralph's fist, almost 20% of her body weight.
No, I didn't take a picture.

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doodlebugmom said...

I found your blog while searching for quilting blogs, glad I found it!