Friday, April 6, 2012

I won again!

I follow a number of blogs. Most are sewing/quilting blogs, but there are others I follow because they are charming. One delightful blog is polkadotponie, where Jone Hallmark creates lovely little things in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and also shares her love for family and friends, and life in general. Go ahead, go on over there and look around, then come back. I'll wait for you...

 Did you see those colorful, hand painted eggs Jone made? Did you see that she offered to make one for a lucky reader?
She made the rubber stamp for the card!
That's me! I'm the lucky one!

There's so much tiny detail on this little cutie!
Right now it's nestled into the pussy willow branches by my front door. 

After Easter, it will live in this little wooden bowl on my desk, accompanied by two wooden darning eggs, and next to a bowl full of buttons. Both bowls are places where I leave my glasses, and this little bit of brightness will be frequently admired and appreciated.

P.S. Yes, I made pysanky eggs again this year; Cris joined me one evening while our husbands watched basketball, and yesterday John and his girlfriend played along. I wish I'd remembered to take pictures of us at work! Here's a pic of this year's additions in the basket with all the rest.
Pysanky style eggs; ours are free form!


capitolaquilter said...

The eggs are delightful. What a wonderful tradition and collection you have. Hope you have a Happy Easter

Meghan Elaine said...

Cute! My Mom told me she had so much fun that night, glad to see the finished products. NOT that I'm dissing my Mom AT ALL, but an itty part of me wonders if it was like when Bethany and I used to craft together. I'd look down satisfied at my embossed, stamped card...then I'd look over and see Bethany's had somehow become a 3D mixed media piece of perfection. Hahaha. But that's OK. Some of us are just better at some things than others. Bethany also made the most amazing outfits for our troll dolls...while I whipped up the brownie mix.

Cristine said...

hahah I have to reply to Meghan, yes Megs it was like when you and Bethany crafted together. I couldn't have described it any better except to add that Linda was SO gracious, with comments like "very nice", "oh that looks good" and of course like you I knew my gifting is not in the craft world but I sure did enjoy it!
Linda SO, SO happy about your second winning! The Lord is heaping blessings upon you, so sweet!!

lindaroo said...

Meghan and Cris! You make me laugh! You're both so fun to craft with, because you totally put your heart into it, and you're equally happy with your own projects and with admiring others.
...and yes, Bethany always takes a project to another level!

bethany said...

Oh stop people, you're embarrassing me! Crafting is only done well in the company of friends. My creative energy fed off the love and pleasure of being with you all! And that perfectly mixed bowl of brownie mix ;) Love you Meghan.

jone hallmark said...

LINDA! I finally got over to your blog - what a nice post! Actually, you have several nice posts.....yay!
Don't you think that the Pysanky eggs are like magic to make? I did them just once, but the process is so cool.
I guess it was too long to repeat, though, so I will stick to painting (!)
Hope your Easter was as beautiful as the photos.....and that spring continues to be full of flowers and sunny days!