Monday, March 26, 2012

More goodies in the mail!

On Friday, just as I was headed out the door for a weekend away, I received a box from the mail carrier; my goodies from the For the Love of Solids swap.
From BrandieL, in Indiana

Remember, I made this armchair pincushion and a thread catcher for my partner, and I'd been wondering what I might receive from someone else.

Actually, when I saw this mini quilt posted on the Flickr swap site, I hoped it would be for me, and suggested the maker send it directly! I immediately loved all the blues and greens, the pop of bright red and yellow in the center, and the linen background.
tic tac toe, I win!

There were other treats in the box, including a mug rug, two fat quarters of pretty fabric, embroidery floss, and chocolate!
Yummy stuff!

What's a mug rug, you ask? It's an oversized coaster, big enough to hold a mug and a snack, like a couple of cookies. In fact, here it is at work, already.
It looks just right on my desk.

Many thanks to Brandie, for her generosity and for making me something I really, really like! A lot!
I'll probably hang it in my sewing room, but doesn't it look pretty here?

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Longvacation said...

That is a lovely lot of things you received. Love the blues in the quilt, too!