Saturday, April 7, 2012

This is a first. Amended: No it is not!

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We're enjoying Easter with Randy and Vicki, in Orange County. None of our kids are with us. This is the first time in 32 years Ralph and I are celebrating a holiday without any of our kids!
Amended: Joseph was on his way home from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and he came to Easter dinner with us! Very nice.

On Friday, we attended two Good Friday services. At noon, we went to an ecumenical service, where the community's ministers spoke about the words of Jesus on that day of His crucifixion.
I was especially touched by the passage where Jesus charged his disciple, John, and his mother with each other's care. Before He said "It is finished," taking the sin of the world to the grave, Jesus made sure his mom was taken care of. Holy and temporal responsibilities.
In the evening, Ralph and I attended another Good Friday service at The Gospel Church. I was asked to read a section of scripture: it was the same passage. Emmanuel, God With Us, making sure his mother was not left on her own at His death. Even though He knew He was returning, and that His peace would be an everlasting peace, He was not unconcerned with the cares of everyday life.

This morning we celebrated the empty cross, the empty tomb, outside, Lutheran style. I cried off all my mascara- it was so sweet.

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