Saturday, November 2, 2013

Quilt Show!

Today, we did it! As 2nd vice president of my quilt guild, I headed up putting together our own, local quilt show, and it was fun!

In past months I've rallied support and help with posters, entertaining announcements, costumes and role-play. I had these buttons made, and gave them to all who worked on committees and who came to help set up and work the show. I had amazing support and help from really good workers and leaders.
I also made myself a t-shirt with this phrase on the back,
and a superman shield with a Q on the front.  

A lot of people were amused by the slogan on the pins and on my shirt. One woman replied that she had no superpowers, and another said she has lots of superpowers. I think one of the effects of putting your work on display is seeing that you really do have an ability to do something special. I loved seeing people admire our quilts.

We had a great variety of quilts, colors, techniques, styles... it was a beautiful show.

Some smaller art quilts.

Hanging quilts the day before the show.

If only you could see the detail in these!

We had quilts for sale!

A boutique with so many great items!

Granny's Attic is like a garage sale of
all kinds of sewing items and fabric
cleaned out from everyone's sewing spaces.

The quilts for sale were very popular!

Lots of shopping!

Opportunity baskets ticket sales and bake sale stayed busy!

Treasure hunting in Granny's Attic!

A beautiful art quilt gets deserved admiration.

Style, color, technique, innovation!

Our featured quilter put together a really attractive display'
and visitors enjoyed talking with her about her work.

Yes, that's one of my quilts in the show!
The blue and yellow star quilt.

So much to admire.
I'd made 220 programs, and even with asking visitors to return their programs for reuse, we ran out, which means we had lots of people come to see our quilts, and lots of them bought stuff! I'll be interested to hear how we did financially. Regardless, I consider today a complete success! I've rewarded myself with an adult beverage, and now I'm really glad I get to turn my clock back for daylight savings time, and I can get an extra hour of sleep. Good night!


Cristine said...

I love everything about this that you headed up the event and it was a huge success, love that all the quilts were appreciated, love that you had such a great turn out, love the pins you designed for your quilters, love the tshirt you created for yourself ( don't love that there isn't a photo of you wearing it). So proud of you Linda and for the blessing that followed!


WOW what a huge undertaking that you pulled off successfully, it looks amazing, I just wish I could have been there to see all the beautiful quilts. Well done you xxx

Bethany H said...

Once again you amaze and inspire me mom. It looks like this show was a total hit! What a beautiful and interesting exhibit, wish I could've seen it in person. You rock!!!

capitolaquilter said...

Fabulous - congratulations on the success and for spreading the inspiration of a creative guild. Good for you.