Friday, May 10, 2013


Mom said it was the best birthday party of her life! Our 3-day Bahamas cruise took care of lots of the details, like when and where to eat, what to do for entertainment, and where to stay, so we could just enjoy being together, and hanging out on a beach.

My gorgeous sisters. We've taken over a section of the beach.

Bethany and Poppy
Despite overcast skies and balmy winds, we soaked up the sun on beautiful, soft white sand beaches, and we swam in the turquoise waters.

Poppy and Melissa enjoying the beach!
We took advantage of the onboard photography, and got some great family photos.
Four generations of first-born women.
Check out the footwear.

The lovely and loved birthday lady, my mom,
surrounded by her five daughters and some of our family.


capitolaquilter said...

Wonderful family time - glad you are enjoying it and those photos will be treasured forever. I just saw some of the clothes you made to bring along - good for you, they're so pretty.


Lovely photos and what a great family trip