Sunday, April 7, 2013


The quilting blog world has been in love with shot cottons, fabrics that are woven with one color in the warp and another in the weft. The colors shift with movement, and enhance each other in changing light.
When I saw this beautiful aqua/indigo shirt-weight fabric a year ago, I knew it would make a lovely, flowing blouse someday. I bought some yardage. Then I left it on the shelf.
I recently spent some time in northern Arizona. I was honored to participate in honoring my stepfather in his last days, and at a series of wonderful tributes to his life and work. My love for the southwest deepened, and my vision for this turquoise blouse developed.

I bought these silver buttons to embellish the blouse, and added a bit of hand-stitching.
I love wearing this blouse with the shell-and-turquoise earrings that are a gift from/tribute to my stepdad. 

It's been a long time since I've sewn clothes, yet here are some more items I've sewn!

I'm going on a cruise(!) in a couple weeks, to celebrate my mom's birthday with my mom, my sisters and some of their family members, and Bethany and Poppy. When I saw this navy knit with sailboats on the sale table at the fabric store, I just had to make myself a summer dress. Is it too cheesy for a cruise?

Bethany asked me ages ago to make this Wiksten top for her. This fabric is from Africa, via a friend who was cleaning out her craft closet. (If it fits you, Bethany, I'll make more. Kathryn, Do you want one, too?)

I used more African fabric to make this dress for Poppy. I don't know if it'll fit her, or if she'll like it, but I'm having fun making it!

Spring break is over, back to school tomorrow. 


Kathryn said...

All of these pieces are absolutely gorgeous, Mom! I would love a top like the one you made for Bethany. Should I send you some fabric? Or do you want to pick? I hope you keep working on wearables!

Bethany H said...

Ditto what Kathryn said, these pieces are amazing! I definitely want more of those tops, please. I love it! And that dress! Oh Poppy is going to just love it 1) Gramma made it and 2) it doesn't have any dreaded pink!
I have always admired and been so proud to have a mom that could sew. It was especially awesome during my awkward pre-teen years when I couldn't fit into anything. You made me the best outfits and my friends were always so impressed. You are amazing mom, I love you.

Needled Mom said...

Wonderful sewing projects!! I love that turquoise color.

Fiona @ Poppy Makes said...

You look great! Love all the clothes you've been making :)

Dee said...

I love it when people share the clothing they make! I'm so in awe of them! These are so pretty and what fun to go on a cruise! You will be the best and prettiest dressed on the ship!