Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yep, I finished that!

Here's Melissa's charity quilt, finished. Remember, Melissa helped design the quilt, and I sewed it for her. Quilted with loops and flowers in a few focal points, and stitched-in-the-ditch throughout. Backed with the same fleece as Melissa's own quilt.
It's so windy outside, the only way to take a picture is to lay it out on the grass! 
I've mailed the quilt to Melissa, and she's spending some time loving it. She wouldn't be the first person to fall in love with something she's created, and to change her mind about giving it away! 

I finished the Liberated Wedding Ring quilt, too! I just love these colors and prints, and the way the rings interlock and re-form.
 It's been washed so you can see all of its crinkly goodness. I outline-quilted a few of the rings, hoping they'd stand out a little, but they don't. Now I know I'd need to trapunto them, to add extra batting in just those areas. I'll try that sometime, in another quilt.

 You can see in this next photo the border quilting, a mandorla shape and a diamond. (I had to look up the word to describe the pointed ellipse, or almond shape, between the diamonds, and I'm sure I'll never use the word again. Still, it's good to know there's a word for it!) Anyway, I chose it because it echoes the shapes made by the bisecting rings in the quilt design.

The quilt has an over-all vine and flowers pattern quilted on it, achieved by outline-quilting this large-scale floral print on the back of the quilt. I'd seen the technique at last year's quilt show, and recently I took a workshop class to learn it from an art quilter. My new sewing machine (a Pfaff Expression3.0) produces beautiful, even stitches on both sides of the quilt, and it turned out great! I love the loose, overall design on this busy quilt.
 The bright, cheerful floral compliments the blues and greens on the front, I think.

 Do you remember when I received this mini quilt in a swap?
 It sat on the railing for a year and never really belonged anywhere. What I really had wanted to ask for in the swap, was a sewing machine cover. I knew, though, that I'd eventually get a new, bigger machine, so I simply asked for whatever the swapper wanted to make.
I still wanted a sewing machine cover, however, and even more now that I have the machine I'd looked forward to getting! So, I took the mini-quilt apart, and re-made it into this really great-looking cover!
I also took inspiration from my table partner at the sewing workshop, and made the mug-cozy here, to hold all several of my sewing gadgets. I love sewing gadgets!

There have been some new babies born in the family, so I made some of my favorite booties.

Bethany sent me this photo of Poppy's I Spy quilt on her new bed. Many of the blocks in this quilt were made by partners in the 3x6 online block swap. I like how the sides of the quilt are long enough to hang nicely or get tucked in, and that you can still see the blocks, even under the foot of the bed. Isn't it sweet?

 Something new, and unfinished:
Last August I won some fabric from Lily's Quilts, a line called Indie from Pat Bravo's Art Gallery Fabrics.
Then I bought some more, from the same line, and let it sit for a while. Over and over, though, I've loved Sujata Shah's designs on The Root Connection, and I decided to throw all of this line, plus a few batiks and solids from my stash into making her Painted Zigzag. Here's my version, in progress on my design wall.

This weekend is Easter. Here's a picture from a long, long time ago of our friend Nancy (who reads this blog!), Ralph, and me, dressed as Three Blind Mice. We could pass for Easter bunnies, I think!
Which of my finishes is your favorite? Have you finished something lately?


Jimmy Rivas said...

That's cool. How do you get the blog

capitolaquilter said...

I love the liberated wedding ring and the backing is perfect - if I have to play favorites it gets my vote. Smart to repurpose the wall hanging into a machine cover - my poor machine still deserves one. So fun to see the funny picture of you and your friends -

~ m said...

I like Melissa's quilt because it reminds me of stained glass, which I love. The liberated wedding ring has such life in it that jumps right off the quilt, and shouldn't marriage be all about that? Life!

Linda...the work of your hands and heart are amazing. Wanna know what a real treat is? It's seeing the ever-present goodness of you in quilt form! Love you!

PS: You know what my name I get a quilt, too?? 8-D

Needled Mom said...

Melissa's charity quilt is just gorgeous. The colors are wonderfully placed in it.

The Liberated Wedding Ring is incredible and I LOVE the backing with it. Glad to learn the new word!!

Those booties are adorable as well.

Jodi said...

I am loving that Liberated Wedding Ring! Where did you get the pattern from because I want one too??? I also love the mug cozy and the sewing machine cover. I need several of each for my sewing room ASAP!!

Alysha Jones said...

Linda! These are amazing!!! I cannot believe your "backing" for the wedding ring quilt isn't its own quilt in and of itself. And M's quilt is gorgeous. I wish I had one!!! You are stupendous. xoxo

jeifner said...

I love the liberated wedding ring quilt. It is so striking, I like the your use of the values and color in it. And the sewing machine cover is really great!

Esther said...

Love the mandorla quilt! I finshed two pillows , one more coming up, a large bed quilt to work on... And a baby quilt... Oops! That is a lot for a weekend!

Frances said...

I love the liberated wedding ring. I love the traditional version a lot, but this is a great modern take.

Who-lee-uh said...

I also want to know how or who came up with the blocks for liberated rings quilt. Love the pattern and color choices

tahoe34 said...

Pattern for liberated wedding ring quilt???

lindaroo said...

Thank you visiting my blog, and for admiring my Liberated Wedding Ring quilt!
I learned the LWR quilt in a workshop, taught by a member of my local quilt guild. She had adapted the pattern from an idea in a book, and I never got the name of the book. I did a google image search, and found one picture that's similar, but no instructions. Sorry I can't help!
Happy sewing!


Beautiful live the xolours

Nancy said...

You are just amazing with all your creations! It has been so inspiring to see your progress in quilting. I stand in awe.