Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Front Door

It was a mess, that front door on my house.

Sun and wind had really done a number on the bottom half, which was peeling and cracked,

while the varnish on the upper half of the door had yellowed and hardened.
You'd think this is the kind of project I'd want to do myself, right? And I would, but I was already on a deadline to finish Pamela's birthday quilt, and Ralph wanted to get started on the door. So he did.

What a job that was! Because the textures of the top and bottom parts of the door were so different, it was necessary to strip off the old varnish. Ralph would invite my inspection (really! he did!) and I would point out areas that needed more... more... more...
Finally, I finished agonizing over the shade of red (not too orangey, not too purply, not too bright), and Ralph painted the doors.
I think they look wonderful! You can see the woodgrain and tell that they're real wood, and the color goes well with the brick trim without looking too country-barn red.

Well done, Ralph! Go, Team K!


Meghan Elaine said...

Love it!

Grace said...

Your front doors look great! What a big change.