Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello again!

I'm back from my 6 week summer adventure, and I'm just going to jump into today's boring content, and hopefully catch you up on the summer a little at a time.
Tomorrow I go back to work, and will start by testing kids. I'll enjoy seeing all the kids briefly, and it's intense but easy work, so it's an okay way to start. Next week I'll start working Kindergarten intervention, and I've yet to here specifics about what's expected. Even where I'll be working; workroom? extra classroom? Getting a space ready is going to be a lot of work, and planning and equipping my lesson times will be a lot of work! Working with the kids will be fun, I think.
(I really ought to be putting stuff away from my trip. I've gotten everything from my bedroom, but the kitchen table is still covered with travel detritus. iPod, receipts, umbrella, itineraries, lists...)

Sunday night we had dinner at the Hitching Post with John and Joseph and Evelyn to celebrate John's and Joseph's birthdays. They are such loving sons, and we really enjoyed being with them. Evelyn is a doll, and fun to hang out with! I hardly see them now, maybe when they move to San Diego we'll visit more intentionally and I'll see more of them!

She's All That

Here are some photos of the quilt I made for Grace's birthday. Every whirligig square is a different fabric. Most are from my stash, so it includes fabrics that are in Ellie's and Bethany's and Laura's and Mom's and Win's quilts. I also asked my sisters to contribute, so there are fabrics they chose and sent to be included. Cherry blossoms and birthday cupcakes and ice cream sundaes (and others!) from Amy, designer pink and green from Pamela, fireflies and Christmas pine cones (and more!) from Laura. Mom sent a favorite dress that I cut off to make into a shirt, and I made a quilt block and saved the rest for future projects.

That light blue whirligig is the one I made from Mom's dress.

I get a kick out of this green fabric printed with Girl Scout badges.


bethany said...

Yay!! You're back and you beat me back to blogging! :)
It's soooo good to see John and Joseph - love you bros!!

That quilt looks so vibrant in the sunshine, I love it.

Cristine said...

Yes what a 'vibrant' quilt! The Lord sure blessed you with many talents!!! Welcome home Linda and Happy back to school!! You sure have a couple of handsome sons!!! Wow John is a man now!! Miss you my friend!

Grace said...

I am the lucky lucky lucky recipient of that beautiful, amazing, colorful, happy, cozy, creative, special quilt!!! What a fantastic birthday present from my wonderful sister. Linda, you are so talented and thoughtful. Thank you very much for honoring me on my 50th. Love, Grace