Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

We've reached the end of our yearly Mother's Day-my birthday-Ralph's birthday-our anniversary-Father's Day marathon, and we're a little burned out! In fact, yesterday when I came downstairs and Ralph wished me a happy anniversary, I was pleasantly surprised, and chagrined because I had forgotten! We had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant, and enjoyed talking and being together, and were thankful that we enjoy being together! (We've had a tough season when we weren't so glad to be with ourselves, much less together!)
This morning, when I came downstairs, I wished Ralph a happy Father's Day, and he was pleasantly surprised, and a little chagrined, because he had forgotten! We are certainly a matched pair, don't you think?

John has been sick all week, barely leaving his sleeping bag, poor baby!

 Perhaps later this week I'll regret that I didn't spend more time taking care of the piles of STUFF that need to be put into their proper places. 
Like this one on the kitchen table:
and this one on the kitchen counter:

and this one on the dining room table:

and this one in the garage:

Instead I'm sewing! 
(Photo taken by Ralph as he watches golf.)

I'm altering clothes for my visit to hot-and-humid Pittsburgh. But as I do, I think about Poppy and get inspired to make things for her. I don't know if she'll like them, or if they'll even fit! But I'm having fun.
I took the skirt off an oldlady-looking swimsuit, and I made it into a twirly skirt, and painted ponies on it in anticipation of our planned pony ride.
And I shortened one of my favorite summer dresses, and used the remnant to make a matching shirt and skirt.

Because Grandmas can do that.
And because Grandpas, on Father's Day, are happy to be left alone to watch golf on tv!


bethany said...

Oh, this is my favorite post so far! Mom, you are the best Gramma in the whole wide world!

Laura said...

The pony outfit looks even cuter in person, on Poppy! Did anyone manage to photograph that?

I hope you'll be making adorable custom creations for your future grandnieces and grandnephews!