Monday, June 7, 2010


When I have a big job ahead of me, I procrastinate. When I was supposed to be working on a paper for school, you could very likely find me playing solitaire on the computer. Multiple games. I just work better when the pressure's on, but I've numbed the anxiety with something mindless.
Sometimes I'll procrastinate on something like cleaning the bathrooms by reading the newspaper, or my favorite blogs. Sometimes I'll procrastinate weeding the garden by cleaning the bathroom. Maybe I'll procrastinate cooking dinner by weeding the garden. There's always something that's a little more engrossing than the big task I'm meant to be doing.
So, here's John. Possibly procrastinating a school project. Or maybe he's just practicing a little pre-vacation recreation. After all, school will be out in a few days!
John's distraction of choice? He's coloring. In a coloring book. Actually, a very cool, funky book Kathryn gave him a year-and-a-half ago for Christmas. He's doing a very nice job, and intends to hang the picture on his wall when he's finished. Hmmm, I see the artistic gene trying to poke its head out once again!
I wonder what else John will be doing this summer?


bethany said...

procrastination is a sick hereditary curse. but lucky for us, is brings out our creativity. i hope john brings that coloring book to arizona.

lamb said...

runs in the family, for sure. it's getting me through college, though, and the grades aren't so shabby. so, in the words of dan savage, whatever lifts your luggage! (mom, if you don't know what i am talking about, you can look up dan savage but be warned that he is a very funny, albeit very blunt, sex advice columnist.) and yay! it makes me happy to see John checking out that book. i thought it was sort of a neat present that could be enjoyed over time...