Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

John complained that we don't do anything fun, so I planned to take advantage of local entertainment this weekend.

Except John didn't want to go to the Strawberry Festival in Arroyo Grande! I didn't want to go either, really, but I didn't want to be stuck at home, either! So, Ralph and I went. We waited in line for the shuttle bus, and we ambled through the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, looking at booths selling garlic graters, four-leaf clovers in plexiglass jewelry, tie-dye or otherwise embellished shirts, soaps and candles, purses and sunglasses. Ho-hum. We did enjoy eating a funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream while listening to an oldies cover band play "My Girl." I told Ralph every one of the women there dreams of her man standing up in the crowd and singing that song to her. (He didn't take the hint.)
Before we left, we ate some ribs while sitting by the creek.
Ralph graciously walked to get the car and pick me up, since I was breaking in my sandals!

Sunday, I went to my little Gospel Church, where Brian subtly critiqued the conservative right that would make Jesus king, noting that Jesus refused to allow that to happen when he was on earth, and that it's had bad results in the past when Christians start killing other people. On Memorial Day weekend! woohoo!

Sunday afternoon, we headed to Santa Barbara, again without John. He convinced me he had to work on a group project for school. Once we were 1/2 an hour down the road, John texted me to say his group was done for the day, and he and I both kicked ourselves for not making him come with.
Restaurant reservations had to be cancelled because we were late, but we really enjoyed a quiet dinner at home with Nancy and Ralph. Aquavit, white wine, red wine... I'm glad I didn't have to move farther than from the table to the bedroom upstairs!
Monday morning, Aunt Nancy joined Ralph and me to see the chalk art at the I Madonnari festival. Some very impressive work, and such a beautiful day, and nice atmosphere!

We spent a couple hours lounging in and around the pool, enjoying the gorgeous scenery and warm weather. I say it was a very relaxing weekend! Poor John, he missed out!


bethany said...

What a perfect weekend!! The chalk art is SO amazing this year! Thank you so much for taking those pictures Mom, I love (and miss) seeing that festival. I am so inspired! I would've given anything to spend the weekend in SB with family this weekend!!

lamb said...

i second that! i LOVE the chalk art! so so fun. we have a steep unused driveway that i'd been planning to cover with chalk art once the rain had stopped for good (or at least for a couple of weeks.) well, today was 80 degrees and it's supposed to stay lovely for a while. so i read this inspirational post at just the right time!

Meghan Elaine said...

I remember staying with feels like it really wasn't that long ago.