Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January finishes, part 1

So, I moved to Seattle, and I joined the Modern Quilt Guild, and I'm motivated to explore some improvisational quilting, and some modern design! At the same time, I am keenly aware of the number of unfinished projects (UFOs, in quilt-speak) that came with me in those moving boxes.

I linked to the APQ UFO resolution challenge to list 12 unfinished projects I want to finish in the year.  APQ announced that the project for January was whatever was listed as #6, and for me, that was an English Paper Piecing project I'd started years ago.

It began with this fabric, several yards, purchased from the thrift store in 2012. I usually consider a black-red-white quilt too high contrast for my taste, and it's more "country" style than I prefer, but it's also kind of European in its appeal...

I stack-and-whacked the black panels, and hand-stitched the diamonds into a big hexagon shape, then stalled out, not really having a purpose for a smallish, black, roundish quilt. It became a PIG (project in grocery bag).
Auditioning black borders in 2012

When I pulled it out again, I was far away from the investment of time and needle-pricks of the original project, so it wasn't too painful to use a seam ripper to take it apart.
The stars were rearranged and stitched back together. Yes, I hand-stitched them, again.

I even hand quilted! You know, I thought I'd be pretty good at hand quilting. It's a lot harder than it looks! My stitches are big and my lines are wobbly. I don't think I'd be welcome at an old-fashioned quilting bee! Still, I like how it turned out.

So, I have a new table runner that looks great with the faded red, cabbage rose wallpaper in the dining room. This room is in the center of the house, and provides a breathing space between the very lived-in living room and the kitchen. I try to not let it be a dumping place, and to actually dine here.

Some of the leftover stars became place mats.

Traditional fabric, techniques, and product. Still hoping to find a toe-hold in the modern quilt genre!


Needled Mom said...

I really like the way that you made the blocks into a table runner. It makes for such a pretty table. I admire you for finishing the UFO. Too often I tire of a project and then do not like it when I come back to it. My tastes just change, I guess.

Lysa said...

WEll done!!! And congrats on all those points and getting it all done! High five!