Friday, January 15, 2016

On my holiday break...

I'm a student again (taking graduate-level classes to clear my teaching credential), and you know what that means? Procrastination! Lots of it!
And I'd better not procrastinate my reading and writing assignments with anything fun, like sewing, or reading a good book, because I know I'll get so absorbed that I won't stop until I'm finished. So I waste a lot of time on facebook, Words with Friends, researching which blinds to replace the kitchen window covering...

But while I had a break from school, I had fun with a few projects.

I finished this spiderweb quilt! The blocks were from the Stash Fabulous Bee and the Stars In Their Eyes Bee, so there is great variety of interesting fabrics.
That's one colorful quilt!
 I had thought about adding partial blocks to complete the circles around the edges. I had thought about an over-all quilting pattern. I fussed and puttered over the block arrangement.
A black and white striped binding is always a winner!
Finally, I just wanted it finished! I love the free-form chrysanthemum quilting in the spiderwebs (my friend says they look like umbrellas on the beach!), and the stars in the stars.
Here's the back, with another star as the signature block.

I used another leftover block to make myself a Sew Together bag. I can see why they're all the rage! It was really fun to make, and to see how all the parts fit together.

That was after I'd made a Sew Together bag for my granddaughter, for Christmas. She loved this Tula Pink fabric when I bought it in Pittsburgh last summer.

Here are a couple other projects I cleared off the WIP list:
Cushion covers for my sister's kitchen table:

She's going to get foam inserts, which will look very sharp.
Joining the California pillow, another tea towel pillow featuring Oregon (where two of our kids live) and Washington (where the Pittsburgh family will be relocating).

Back to school now, back to work. I have a list of projects to work on when I am procrastinating schoolwork. That's my New Year's resolution strategy for satisfying down-time.


Needled Mom said...

I love the Spider Web quilt!!!

Jo Jo said...

Your quilt looks gorgeous and that sky sets it off beautifully! It's so cold here,it feels like it's going to snow! Well done for finishing the quilt! Very happy to have contributed to it :)

Lysa said...

Oh it looks just fantastic! It was such a fun block to make, I'm so glad I got to see it. Your quilting is perfect!

OPQuilt said...

I love that spider web quilt, and yours is really beautiful. I do agree--umbrellas on the beach is a better visual image than a spider's web. Congrats on more schooling--and I hear you on the procrastination thing. It's something I excel at!

So glad I got to meet you at QuiltCon. I really enjoyed talking to you and hearing about the events in your corner of the world.