Thursday, July 9, 2015

At the Show

The Seven Sisters Quilt Show!

This is a local, regional quilt show. Members of participating guilds can enter quilts into the show without having to be juried in. There is a great variety of quilts: modern or traditional, hand or machine quilted, prize-worthy and humble, all shapes and sizes and colors... And there are lots and lots of vendors, with lots of fun things to see and try and buy! Here's a SLO Tribune photo page.

I had three quilts in the show.
For the Love of Sewing

For the Love of Sewing is the 2015 Skill Builder BOM Quilt by Alyssa Lichner.
This is the quilt I used as an example for my demonstration of Quilt-As-You-Go sashing at the guild meeting.
 See? Each block was quilted before I put it all together.
Click on the picture to make it bigger.
What on earth will I do with it now? I don't have a wall space big enough to hang it, and it's not really a bed-size quilt. Someday I gotta try opening an Etsy store. Could I really part with my creations, though?

 My son and daughter in law went to Hawaii, and brought back a fat quarter pack of Hawaiian print fabrics for me. Here they are, in Camilla Roskelly's Fireworks pattern.
Fireworks in Paradise
There was another quilt in the show made from the same pattern. It was bigger, with pieced borders, and more sophisticated, made with batiks, and quite lovely. (It's in the slide show linked in the newspaper article, above.) I'm very happy with the chaotic cheerfulness of my version!

 I dyed the fabrics for this next little quilt in a tie-dye workshop with a friend in Pittsburgh. My tie dye job was pretty amateur, and not very attractive, but I salvaged sections of beautiful colors for this Storm at Sea pattern, taught in a class by Wendy Mathson.
Fire and Ice
This one is hanging in my entryway. That means it's on a green wall. No, it doesn't match my decor, but it sure adds a nice bit of brightness and color. I think that's a nice feature of quilts: they fit in anywhere!


Needled Mom said...

Those in between quilt sizes are always so difficult to place. I love the Hawaiian print one.

Laura Carter said...

Offer your local fabric store the opportunity to buy it for their display!

I love it.

You are a fabric artist.

Lysa said...

So amazing!

Lisa said...

Your so very talented!

Vera said...

All your quilts are lovely!