Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quilt Show!

Harold and the Purple Crayon, at the Quilt Show
Of course, I listened in when viewers came into the room to see the challenge quilts. These 18x22" quilts were submitted anonymously, and viewers were invited to vote for their favorite quilt. The theme for the challenge was "Children's Storybooks," and everyone who saw the quilts could relate to them. (Maybe yours was there: Nancy Drew, Pippi Longstocking, Fancy Nancy, The Little Engine That Could?) When I heard viewers say they were divided between two quilts, I encouraged them to vote for both of them! (I had on an official badge, so they listened to me!) After all, are you voting for your favorite story, or depiction, or technique?

I'm dressed to coordinate with my mini quilt.
Not really.
People who knew the story of Harold and the Purple Crayon recognized it immediately, happily and sentimentally. Others just walked past, wondering, "What is that creature in the lower left corner?" (It's a dragon. Harold drew it to protect the apple tree. His hand shook and drew waves as he backed away from it, and he found himself sinking in the water, so he drew a boat...)

Country Girl
This little quilt was tucked away in a corner, below eye level, so it didn't show very well. It was popular with little girls.
Pretty colors!
Country Girl is another little quilt I'll be happy to hang in my sewing room. (I'm running out of room in there.)

I submitted this quilt for judging, in the Group Quilt category. The judge's comments were minimal; pattern is a good choice for a group quilt, good scrap quilt, nice modern design, appropriate quilting. Okay. It's nice the judge didn't point out the obvious imperfections in stitch length and spacing, but I expected a little more direction for future projects.

Feathers looked great hanging in this space. It was the first quilt seen when a viewer turned the corner, and was in a booth with some fantastic neighbors. I felt very honored to see that Feathers held its own in distinguished company!

The 7 Sisters Quilt Show was a lot of fun. Lots of great quilts to see, friends to connect with. And vendors! I bought stuff: fabric, and a great basket for holding/carrying my hand project. I'll show you later!


Nancy said...

Those are absolutely beautiful! Such talent! Wow

Lysa said...

Your quilts look so GREAT! Well done Linda!

CapitolaQuilter said...

Your quilts are wonderful. I can see how people would either "get" Harold or not but if they did (like me) the quilt would pull at their heartstrings. Good for you for putting yourself out there. Listening in on viewer comments made me crazy at our quilt show.

lindaroo said...

This is a test comment.

OPQuilt said...

Beautiful feathers quilt--and fun to see your other two included in the display! I'm hoping that the judges never see our imperfections (although I know they do).