Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blow me away!

It's springtime on the central coast, and that means wind!

This quilt has been finished for several weeks (Remember when I was working on it back here?), but it takes two to hold it up, plus decent weather to photograph. Now I'm tired of waiting to put this one away, and I have young adults at the house today, to serve as quilt holders.

There are three holding this quilt, and it threatened to sail them across the lawn!

 This is a true scrappy quilt, in which I tried to use up all the little scraps in my door-hanger scrap collection.
It was tame in this picture. Now it's overflowing, again!

I used up a lot of unfavorite fabrics by cutting them into little pieces and putting them in the background. I also used some very favorite fabrics. They're all jammed together, making this a very busy quilt, but it turns out I like busy quilts! I think the scrappiness invites the viewer to explore the pattern and fabrics.

 Still, because it has so much going on already, I wanted the quilting to be simple, and to blend all the blocks together. So, an all-over meander stitch. Only a couple places where my stitch line crosses itself, and yes, it did seem to take forever!

I haven't washed this quilt yet, to get the crinkly-soft texture I love, but since I don't have any quilting marks to wash out, I'm just going to put this on the bed in the guest room. I'm looking forward to some special company coming in 10 days!

Pattern: Japanese x&+ quilt. I used Amy's tutorial at Badskirt.


Anonymous said...

It's stunning Linda!
Now I want to make a little one for Ellie.....
So will bookmark the link you gave for the tutorial and put it on the back burner (so many other things in the process stage right now).

capitolaquilter said...

Congratulations - the quilt is amazing and I'm glad they didn't blow away! There are so many fun fabrics in your blocks.

Bethany H said...

This is my new favorite! I'm going to bring my big suitcase and smuggle it home with me ;)

Lysa said...

Oh it's so fantastic! What a wonderful collection of all your scraps!