Sunday, December 22, 2013 look a lot like Christmas!

There's been a lot of sewing going on, but some of it is Christmas presents, so it's secret! I can show you this, though, because Alex already got his quilt for Christmas when we spent the weekend with two of my sisters.

Alex very sweetly let me explain about the blocks
and the fabrics and the quilting, and he was genuinely appreciative. 

I can also show you this niece of mine as she concentrates on sewing squares together for a patchwork pillow. She used the rotary cutter, and chose from my stash of Christmas fabric scraps, and sewed it using my machine, while I puttered away on her little machine.

Melissa made this pillow! I think it's charming!
Melissa is charming, too!

Poppy's been having fun opening the pockets of her advent calendar. I'm having fun receiving a daily video of Poppy as she gets the day's treasure! It's very gratifying to see her carefully snipping the thread that holds the pocket closed, and smiling over whatever is found inside. A chocolate, a mood ring, a Christmas pillow, a Santa bobble head... it's all good!

I know that we are weather wimps, here where the weather is temperate. Still, it's occasionally cold enough to need a jacket, and to appreciate gloves when driving to work in the morning. I really appreciate it when Ralph starts my car in the morning, and squeegees off the windows. Last week he was scraping ice off the windshield! 
You're right, the sun is shining and there is a green tree in the background,
and the freezing temperatures only lasted a few days. I'll stop whining.
Yesterday I was in the grocery store, on the Saturday before Christmas. The store was full of people, and it was easy to sense that everyone was in a hurry. Yet everyone was trying really hard to be patient, kind, and friendly, and in every aisle you could hear people wishing each other a happy Christmas. Peace on earth, goodwill to all! 

See you in the new year!


Grace said...

AAAAAh, that's a sweet blog. We LOVED having you here TWICE in December! Melissa is proud of the pillow.

Cris Maxwell said...

Yes to what Grace wrote , that was a very sweet post! And kudos to Ralph scraping the ice off your windshield! Love how he shows his love for you! Merry Christmas to all the Kucera family!! Hoping to see more Christmas decores from Phittsburgh?