Thursday, August 22, 2013

You want more.

So, you want more pictures from Pittsburgh? You have such good taste.

Pittsburgh is a great place for families, with lots of fun activities. Poppy and I loved visiting the Carnegie Science Center, where we watched ice cream being made in the food lab, and found Pee Wee Herman's bicycle, and played with robots.
Big Adventure Time!

No danger here!
At Phipps Conservatory, Poppy and her BFF Henry identified gorgeous and weird plants for their scavenger hunt, while we admired glassworks displayed in the gardens.
Like Alice in Wonderland

Some quilty inspiration, here.

Looking for the Old Man Cactus.
The library is not to be discounted! Poppy's a big customer there, choosing books and movies frequently, and making friends with the staff.
Getting books and movies

Excavating a model dinosaur

Summer reading program prize winner,
with beloved children's librarian.

Henry and his family also joined us for mini golf, but this mini golf was indoors, black-lit, Monster Mini Golf
Air hockey, while waiting for friends

Sticking close to each other!

The Children's Museum is amazing. A-maze-ing! Three floors of interactive fun! Our friends, Dom and Matteo, joined us that day.
Climbing in the human ant farm.

Building, then racing, Yes, that's Mr. Rogers' trolley
in the background. Pittsburgh was his Neighborhood!

Building and playing pinball out of scraps.

Dams and floods.
Call in the cavalry! Aunt Laura joined us for the last few days of my visit, and we chose the classic outing, a visit to the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History.
Dippy the diplodocus, and U of Pitt's Cathedral of Learning

Poppy as lion statue in front of museum library

Fine art scavenger hunt

Outdoor sculpture for kids

"Hmm, may I see that picture?"
Yes, I attended my cousin's wedding in San Francisco. I think this country mouse did pretty well in the big city, wearing a vintage dress I found in a consignment store in Santa Barbara. Yes, I wore black to a wedding, but it's not a somber black.
Okay, so how long did I walk around with my purse popped open?
So much for trying to look sophisticated!
And I'm still working on that Labyrinth quilt.
Marking the quilting lines in the border.
Yes, I use a kids' washable marker.
I finally went back to work this week! I'm at a new school, and I received a very warm welcome from the principal, whom I've worked with before, and the kindergarten teacher, who was very affirming. It's good to be back on a schedule, isn't it?


Needled Mom said...

It looks like a wonderful time was had be all.

Getting back to the routine is always good.

Cristine said...

Thanks for sharing your time with Poppy and family with the rest of us...Pittsburg sure looks like a city with lots to offer! LOVE that you posted the photo of you looking so sophisticated with your purse wide open, hehehe