Friday, March 9, 2012

March Madness

The goal in February was to finish Poppy's quilt, and you already know about that. I managed to pull off a couple other finishes, too.

These are the blocks I made for my fellow bees in this round of the 3x6 bee.
It's intimidating to make something for people I don't know. It helps when they're chatty on the discussion threads. I study their request forms and what they've made on Flickr or on their blogs, then I start pulling fabrics from my stash in their colors. Then, the fun of creating takes over, and I try out different combinations until I'm happy with the product. There are lots of discarded pieces that end up in my scrap organizer!
Now I look forward to getting squishy envelopes in the mail with blocks from around the world. Our hive has a pinwheel theme, so all the blocks are going to have a sense of movement, and should be fun to put together!

I also made these cute booties for Maggie's baby shower. Handmade, stylish, cute; I knew she'd love them.

Now it's March, and the first thing I want to finish is for another swap.
Armchair Pincushion
Hedgehog embroidery: Stick it Here
This time it's a secret swap; I'm making a requested item in requested colors for someone I don't know. I can gather clues about her likes and dislikes, and she says she likes bright colors. Her photo mosaic, though, listed these specific colors.
Popular + and x blocks for pockets
I was torn between the sea glass colors pulling me toward something elegant, and the requested armchair pin cushion pulling me toward something cute.

Grippy asterisks on back
And I wonder if I violated the spirit of the "For the Love of Solids" theme by embroidering, and quilting flowers, and using a print in my secondary item.

Cute little thread catcher with
Lizzie House hedgehogs
Finally, I say enough's enough, it's cute, it's done. I'll add a few goodies to the box: little scissors tied to that ribbon, a measuring tape, cute butterfly pins for the pincushion. And a See's lollipop, because that will sweeten the deal.


capitolaquilter said...

It's a very sweet deal indeed. Sounds like your partner gave lots of clues and I bet you hit the mark.

bethany said...

Those baby booties are stinking cute! Makes me want to have another baby...totally kidding Mom! But that hedgehog thing is awesome. Since I don't know how to sew I would just wrap it around my arm and nap at work.

Grace said...

The person who is getting that hedgehog invention is one lucky lady. It is so pretty and interesting and useful and creative! I marvel at you. And the booties are waaaaaay too cute!