Sunday, May 1, 2011

Even more... with more photos and a video!

It was a little rainy on the day we went to Mt. Vernon; the plus side is the crowds were down. I'm very grateful to the women who insisted that the property be preserved, and that we can still see it and its vistas as it was in George and Martha Washington's day.

George and Martha, granddaughter Nelly, and Nelly's friend, Poppy.

I hate having my picture taken!

I hate having my picture taken!

Stables? We don't mind the rain!

Mt. Vernon, home of George and Martha Washington
 Then Steve was home from his business trip, the cousins were home for Easter weekend, and there was much visiting, late into the night. I love being with my family!
Hi, Steve! Hi, Willie and Emma!

Max and Bethany
Such a cute couple.

I'll leave you with 35 seconds of silliness from my favorite five-year-old!


Cristine said...

Such a silly Poppy!!! Thanks for sharing the photos of your family! Oh, and George and Martha sure are looking well.

bethany said...

Oh Cris, Poppy is such a weirdo! After this laughing episode she proceeded to sing little orphan Annie's "The sun will come up tomorrow" the majority of the way home. over. and over. and over. and over...

lindaroo said...

Blogger wouldn't let me post the video of Poppy singing "Tomorrow," but if you click on the Flickr button at the top of my blog, where it says More photos? Here!, you can watch it on my Flickr page. So, so cute...