Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family time

I had a great time last weekend in Florida, celebrating my dad's 80th birthday.
The banner on the wall said
"Growing Old is  Compulsory,
Growing Up is Optional."

I loved being there with all my sisters and my mom. 
Barefoot Beach, where the seashells are plentiful and beautiful!

Lots of talking and hanging out together!

Happy Birthday, Dear Old Dad!
Edwin A Carter, my dad.


Cristine said...

Nothing fills a heart like family!! First you had all your children home for Christmas then you were able to celebrate with your first family! Looks like a fabulous time Linda and Happy 80th to your Dad...good genes!!!

bethany said...

Growing up IS optional!
I wish I could've been there too!! I hate missing a good party, especially with the Carter girls!! xo

Michele Bilyeu said...

Beautiful family, and a truly beautiful You!!
Thanks for your friendship and a cheery chirp today!