Friday, October 29, 2010

she's an official grown-up, now

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what have they done with my hair?

My baby-lamb turns 21. Lamby, Lamby-girl, Lambelina. When she was born, we lived across the street from dear friends who also had school-age kids and a new baby girl. Their Sophie was an unhappy, crying baby, and mom, S, would sigh, and laughingly exclaim, "Oh, there's my sweet, gentle lamb, calling to me." Somehow, the irony of her comments made me see my own easy baby as truly a sweet, gentle lamb. The description became a name, and evolved into many variations of the same. Before Kathryn introduced us to her boyfriend, she told him we'd call her Lamb, and they gave each other a sweet and noticeable glance when we did.
Hello, can we set up a play date?

Cali girl does Canada
We also call her Catalina, Katerina, Katwin. 

Junior High style!
High School hipster

Love you, Lovey. Happy Birthday, Kathryn.


bethany said...

happy birthday lambykins! you're a real live grown up now, and i'm super proud and in love you dear sister.

Cristine said...

happy, happy birthday kathryn i pray this year brings you new adventures from the Lord full of happy memories!!!

lindaroo said...

Oh yeah, Lambykins! I missed that one!

Kathryn said...

i love you so super much