Monday, August 30, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation: Cape Cod!

Poppy and I took a little trip of our own to visit Dad and Dana.
We did it last summer, too, and we have so much fun there.
We eat our favorite food. For me, that means seafood! For Poppy, it means ice cream. Dana took us to Four Seas, where we enjoyed ice cream cones and chose several pints to take home and restock the freezer. (I have dreams about the fresh peach ice cream, and I was not disappointed! Lemon Chip! Penuche! Peppermint Chip! Frozen Pudding! Pistachio!) Ice cream was eaten every day.
We swim twice a day, every day. Beach in the morning, lunch, pool in the afternoon, or the other way around. 

Dad and Dana are great sports about coming to the beach with us, and sitting on the sand, watching and admiring Poppy's growing confidence in the water. Actually, I love seeing all the friends who greet them on the beach, and are so happy to see them there. And I love watching my dad boast about his great-granddaughter visiting! You see, with Dana's help, my dad is fighting cancer, and through it, he is cheerful, and positive, and personable, and it's really a joy to be with them.

I love swimming in the Atlantic! The water is warm, the waves are gentle. Poppy and I played a game for about 45 minutes where she would jump off my bent knee and swim back to me, with her life vest giving her lots of confidence. We went to the sand for a while to rest and eat a snack, then Poppy jumped up and ran back to the water, and we resumed our game. She jumped and swam for another half hour or more before she realized she didn't have her life vest on! Her face looked like Wile E. Coyote when he realizes he's run off a cliff and is about to fall, "Gramma! I'm gonna drown!" 
We also went on a couple outings. Have you ever taken the Duckmobile tour? The open-air tour bus is an amphibious vehicle, so after you drive through the streets quacking at people on the sidewalks, you motor into the water to see the sights in the harbor! 

Poppy got a little scared when the bus went into the water, and she asked Dana to sit  on the outside of the seats.
Here's a sweet picture of Grampa Win and Poppy in front of the Zooquarium.

We had a wonderful visit. Thank you, Dad and Dana!

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bethany said...

i love that cheery photo of you and grampa win so much. i can't help but smile myself :)
poppy talks about this trip almost daily. it will be a lifetime memory for her. thank you mom. thank you grampa win and dana!