Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girls' weekend in SLO!

Vickey put it together. She is a tenacious friend, determined to see the love of Jesus made manifest in wholesome relationships of all kinds!
These friends are so precious to me. The way they honestly and trustingly share their strengths and weaknesses speak faith and hope and love into me.
So here we are, at the Apple Farm! Just walking into the Inn
transports us to a world that is cozy, lovely, peaceful, protected. We settled right in, with some shopping, a glass of wine by the creek, and catching up on each other's lives.

Dinner at Novo, sitting on the patio by the creek. Of course we asked a stranger to take our picture! She was very nice about it!                                                           
 Jeri, Me
                                                                     Pam, Vickey

I warned them about my loud snoring, so we all had earplugs, and I tried to sleep on my side to keep from snoring. In the morning, though, I discovered Pam had moved to the tiny sofa to get away from me. That's Pam, under her ugly blanket, with her headphones on and her iphone playing the sound of a blowdryer with a baby's heartbeat. Each one of expressed how at some point in the night, we'd wanted to turn on the fan, but didn't want to make anyone else uncomfortable with the noise or cool air. We're too nice.

After a long visit in the hot tub, and a relaxed brunch in the restaurant, it was time to leave. We prolonged our visit, though, with a little more shopping and a stop for coffee before heading home. It was only a night away from home, but I'm as refreshed as if I'd been away for a week. Can't wait to do it again!


Married for Keeps said...

Hahahaha! Seeing the picture of Pam under the blanket makes me glad that I said "no" when you wanted to take a pic of me and my bedhead! You're right - it was a wonderful time and I am so grateful that you indulged me. Can hardly wait for September, and to do lunch in between. Hugs -

bethany said...

pam looks so much like lindsay, or is it the other way around?

girlfriend time is absolutely fabulous.