Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big Sur for the day

Ralph's brother, Ron, was camping in Big Sur and invited us to join in. We wimped out on staying overnight; the daunting task of collecting equipment, concerns about an overcrowded campground, and the need to clean house in preparation for an expected house guest almost caused us to give in to homebody-itis, and going for just the day meant a lot of driving. Nevertheless (I love having the opportunity to use that word! It makes a story sound like an adventure!), we made the trek and enjoyed the scenery on the way. At Cambria, we hit fog, and there were places along the drive where the fog rose from the ocean below the cliff to the road level, so it was like driving on a cloud. Cool!

We thought we'd be in cold fog all day, but the sun broke out and we enjoyed sitting on a rocky beach. I will host Book Club in a week, and I just bought the book because I'm still #12 on the library waiting list. Being away from housework (have to) and quilting projects (want to), I read 1/3 of the book while on the beach. Lovely!
Sitting here, I felt like Queen of the Rocks.

Ralph joined me on the beach, and he watched his brother and nephew surfing. It was pretty entertaining! The waves seemed to have a bump in the middle, so surfers started out fine, then got bucked off, and sent flying through the air. I sure couldn't do it!

Hey, look! There are two whales breaching!
Really? No, they're rocks.

Here's John, returning from a hike around the bend. I tried to join him, but wasn't confident in my ability to cross the creek without falling in. John came back with some beach-tumbled jade, really pretty.

It was great to sit around a campfire, and I'm sorry I missed waking up in a campground, but I sure do like sleeping in my own bed!


bethany said...

Totally worth the drive - I can hear the surf on those rocks.

Meghan Elaine said...

Yay! Now I get to read your blog. I agree about loving my own bed. Another sign of me growing older.

lamb said...

Ah, my heart-place. Meanwhile, I was in the high desert canyons of Bryce Canyon, Utah! Can't wait to show you pictures.